Abstract Submissions

Abstract submission and registration for the conference are two different steps. Abstract submission may be done after registering for the conference.

To present a paper at ICORS 2016, please prepare an abstract using the guide.tex and icors2016.cls templates (download below). Follow the format instructions given in the guide.tex template. The text in this file is written in the prescribed format and can be used as specimen. Save the file icors2016.cls in your working directory. The LaTeX file for the abstract and any other related files should use last name of the presenter as its name. Please use only characters and numbers in file names and in particular avoid spaces.

Important : the deadline for abstract submission is extented until the 25th of March 2016 !

Main recomendations
- Page limit: The length of the abstract must not exceed 2 pages using the conference style (including references, tables, figures).
- Figures: While it is not forbidden to include figures we really discouraged it.
- File size: Files larger than 1 Mb are not preferred.
- LaTeX macro: please avoid the use of any non standard macro and packages, this include the definition of new command.



This zip folder contain the following files ;
- guide.tex, LaTeX template for preparing an article
- guide.pdf, pdf compiled view of the LaTeX template
- icors2016.cls, style file for the LaTeX template
(Note: Left click opens file in new window. Right click opens the save option.)

Submit both the *.tex and the *.pdf files of your abstract using the web form by February 28th. Presenters must pay the conference fee for the conference by May 20th (Early Registration).
When filling your form, indicate whether your abstract is submitted for a possible talk or for the poster session.

In case of problems please contact the organizers via email, icors2016@sciencesconf.org.

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